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Three Marriages by Ming Yue Ting Feng

Synopsis and Review

Chapter 1: First encounter with the arrogant Er Ye   Part 1   Part 2    Part 3

Chapter 2: Skillful blind woman flaunts her ability     Part 1   Part 2    Part 3

Chapter 3: Examining closely the delicate heart’s grievances   Part 1   Part 2    Part 3

Chapter 4: Er Ye purposely arranges a challenging banquet   Parts 1, 2 & 3

Chapter 5: Even casual thoughts are hit back     Link

Chapter 6: Heart is set on teasing     Link

Chapter 7: Endless worry and provocation     Link

Chapter 8: Temporary truce with the unexpected visitor     Link

Chapter 9: Forcing the blind girl’s heart     Link

Chapter 10: A murder case arose, injustice and misfortune upon myself     Link

Chapter 11: The blind girl pleads her controversial case in court     Link


17 thoughts on “Three Marriages by Ming Yue Ting Feng

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  3. Please relase the chapter… i want to read so much badly about this two smart couple >3<

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  4. Please continue with this story…..till now it is funny and quite interesting……..thank you very much for translating the story………….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello mi! You’re welcome. Glad that you love this story too. When I’ll have the time, I may continue this Cnovel too, although it may take for sure a long, long, long time to finish! 🙂


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  6. Do you plan on adding any new chapters. I really do enjoy reading this novel. Thank you,


    • Hi! As I am on indefinite hiatus, someone is continuing this translation project. As soon as the next part/chapter is published I’d post an announcement to direct all fans to the new site. 🙂


  7. Also, where are you up to the in raws? Since you have divided them into parts, it’s very confusing trying to find the right place. If you could reply as soon as possible, that would be great.

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  8. Mhahaha, I have started to upload now. ^

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  9. Can you give me link raw please?
    I think… I will try… to translate it…

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