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Hi everyone! My name is inno. I’m your fellow Chinese novel(s) enthusiast. I became a big fan of C-novels after having watched Bu Bu Jing Xin in 2013. I’m a non-Chinese person with no knowledge of the Chinese language so I can only read these books when they’re translated to English. For this reason, I’m grateful to all translators of Chinese novels.

I’m translating using different translation softwares, mainly Google Translate, and online Chinese-English dictionaries. Thus, I give no guarantee of the accuracy of my translations. English is also not my first language, so please cut me some slack with regards to grammar and vocabulary.

I’m quite open to suggestions and corrections. If there are parts of the novel I spoil because of wrong translation-paraphrase, please contact me or leave a comment, so that I can make the necessary corrections. I sincerely thank everyone who takes the time to help.

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  1. Welcome to the c-novel world inno, you have converted from a reader to a contributor now. Let’s share the love around.

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  2. Hello Inno
    How do I contact you?


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