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A mistaken marriage match: Record of washed grievances by Qian Lu

Synopsis and Review

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 2: Married off in the wrong body

Chapter 3: Abduction

Chapter 4: Appeal

Chapter 5: Niu Jia village

Chapter 6: Lou Xi Yan – Part 1

Chapter 7: Lou Xi Yan – Part 2

Chapter 8: First confrontation

Continuation of Translation     Link 1     Link 2     Link 3

17 thoughts on “A mistaken marriage match: Record of washed grievances by Qian Lu

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  3. Hello, are we going to get new update on this? Both your AMMM translations are captivating i just can’t believe i can miss this beautiful gems. Thank you for translating:)

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    • You’re most welcome. I’m kinda busy nowadays with real life issues so I haven’t had the time to start on Chapter 9 of ROWG. Still I’m glad you’re also quite taken with both AMMM novels as I am. 🙂


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  5. when will you post the next translation chapter of this novel? I’m SO waiting for it!


  6. I cant wait to read the rest of the book. Trilogi? Then whats the third book abort? Keep the good work!

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  8. Thank you for the update…cant wait for more update..>.<….


  9. So, do I need to read the prequel first? Could this be considered a stand-alone book?


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  11. Hi inno, i’ve just finished reading your translation and love it so much!
    i would like to know if i can translate this to indonesian and post it on my blog? Thanks for the good work!


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