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Chapter 8: Old court case of gold, Part 4 — A mistaken marriage match: A generation of military counselor by Qian Lu (错嫁良缘之一代军师, 浅绿)


Chapter 8: Old court case of gold, Part 4 of 4

(Translation credits: Silhoutte)

Outside the Imperial City, the garrison camp.

The huge open space was full of soldiers filing back in lines. The crimson red banners, bearing the name Su, were a dazzling sight to behold. Squinting slightly Gu Yun was able to see Leng Xiao standing near the front of the line. Feeling someone’s scrutiny, Leng Xiao looked over and sighting Gu Yun, the normally cold Leng Xiao quirked his lips.

Gu Yun lightly returned his smile, but did not approach the line. Su Ren and a fifty plus year old man stood in front of the troops talking but she did not know what they were talking about.  Gu Yun was not interested in listening, dressed in her habitual black outfit, she leaned at one side of the flagpole, narrowing her eyes in contemplation she waited for them to finish their discussion.

” *Mistress, you are really here!” A loud and booming laughter resounded in her ears. Gu Yun reluctantly opened her eyes to see Han Shu’s tall figure standing in front of her, blocking some of the bright sunshine.

Mistress?! Gu Yun was startled, when did she become a Mistress?!

*form of address accorded  to the wife of a family (I thought I should use Mistress rather than Madam as I did earlier)

What she did not know was that the day after the competition, her name immediately spread throughout the General Manor, the way she defeated the deputy general surprised everyone and it was a resounding victory to boot! Every detail of the night attack battle was recounted numerous times. Further, all the new soldiers she trained, each one turned out to be a force to be reckoned with! The army has always have high respect for martial arts thus overnight, she has become a legendary figure, why even the commanding officer addressed her as “sister-in-law”. Hence, if she is  not Mistress, who else can afford to be called “Mistress”!

Gu Yun felt very awkward each time she was called such! She really disliked this form of address.

“I heard Mistress is going with us to root out the bandits however I thought I’ve heard wrongly but you are actually here.” Han Shu was in high spirits and he did not realise that his loud booming voice has caused them to be the focus of attention.

Quite a large number of the soldiers have heard a lot about the General’s wife and Deputy General’s competition thus they were very curious of this famous woman. However, at first glance, all of them doubted if the rumors were true, this dry and thin looking woman is the evil trainer the recruits have spoken of?!

“Sister-in-law.” Su Ren and the fifty-year-old plus man strode over to Gu Yun, Su Ren smiled and introduced: “This is the West Garrison General, Lou Mu Hai, Prime Minister Lou’s father.”

This man was the father of Lou Xi Yan?!  Really different, the Lou Xi Yan that she has seen was such a lean and elegant man. The West Garrison General has a square face, fierce eyes like a tiger, a tall and burly figure reflecting a robust health and one glance at him one would know that he was those type that were obstinate and difficult to get along with. In fact, the father reminded her of the general workers at the General’s Manor with his demeanor, he could not be related to Lou Xi Yan.

“Senior General Lou, she is my eldest brother’s wife, Qing Mo. All in all, we could be considered as relatives.”

Gu Yun’s wrinkled brow tightened even more, she and Su Ling had nothing to do with each other, now standing on other people’s territory, she could not refute this statement, really maddening!

Lou Mu Hai secretly sized up the woman before him, she is the younger sister of Qing Ling, slim of figure, androgynous attire, if one must pinpoint a special feature, it is that her eyes were unexpectedly clear, cold and honest, how could this woman be able to gain General Su’s favor?

Su Ren’s statement about them being relatives elicited no response from Gu Yun and Lou Mu Hai.

Su Ren created an embarrassing topic, but he did not mind, Lou Xi Yan has already sent out invitations to his wedding which will take place a month later and the bride is Qing Ling. Whilst Qing Mo has been chosen by Bing Lian, which meant that the Su family has chosen Qing Mo, eldest brother couldn’t oppose thus they being relatives was a confirmed fact.

Pointing at a spacious and comfortable large carriage, Su Ren said: “sister-in-law, the army is preparing to set out, you get onto the carriage.” This was the first time the army has a woman following, he really did not know what needs to be prepared.

Gu Yun did not even spare a glance at the carriage that he pointed and directly replied him: “I, like you, will ride on horseback.”

He knew she was not a delicate nor pampered rich girl, however the journey would take ten days hence Su Ren advised: “It’s a long distance …”

Without waiting for him to finish, Gu Yun cut him off: “If I cannot perform the same as all of you, I have no right to be included in this expedition; the distance is nothing to me. There is no need for the carriage, let’s set off.”

Such audacity, what an arrogant woman!

This thought echoed in the minds of all, however the soldiers were more and more curious, what were the capabilities that the general’s wife has that she could utter such audacious words; Lou Mu Hai’s face was full of disdain. Just wait after two days of being jostled in the saddle, with thighs numbed from riding she would know how ridiculous her words were and it would be no use crying then!

Fine, if she wanted to ride let her ride, Su Ren no longer insisted instead nodded his head to a young lad at the side. The lad led in a big pure black horse, its four legs though slender but was well built, its skin was sleek and have a satiny sheen. The horse was almost the same height as Gu Yun.

Gu Yun lightly stroke its head, she was excited. She learned riding in a riding school which used ordinary horses, this type of thoroughbred horse has always been her favorite and today her wish was fulfilled.

“Mistress.” Just as she was about to go up the horse, one of the soldiers holding a wooden box with both hands, handed over the box to her but his hands trembled to the point that he nearly dropped the wooden box.

Gu Yun was a bit puzzled, was she such a frightening figure? Why did he tremble?!

To her, Bing Lian just felt cold to the touch but for a normal person, that biting cold penetrates to the marrow even though separated by wooden box the cold could freeze a person to death.

She opened the wooden box, lying inside really was Bing Lian, gently stroking the blade and feeling the faint chill made her feel comfortable. She really loved this sword but she has some misgivings, since it appeared to be a sword with an intelligent spirit, then she would ask its opinion.

Holding up Bing Lian in the palm of her hand, Gu Yun silently asked: “Bing Lian, are you really willing to keep me company?! If you are willing, then move.”

The sword violently shook, Gu Yun was shocked! This time she was absolutely certain that Bing Lian possessed an intelligent spirit that could understand what she was saying! This is amazing!

Her fingers slowly tightened, Gu Yun decided at that very moment to have Bing Lian since it was willing to work with her as partners, so they shall work hand in hand.

Gu Yun expertly mounted the horse holding Bing Lian in one hand and one hand on the saddle, turning to Su Ren said: “Let’s set off.”

She finally agreed to accept Bing Lian! That’s really good! Now the elders in his family should thank him!

“Depart.” Su Ren shouted the command and a mighty army of thirty thousand advanced towards the northwest direction.


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