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Chapter 6: Mock battle, Part 4 — A mistaken marriage match: A generation of military counselor by Qian Lu (错嫁良缘之一代军师, 浅绿)


Hi! I’ve got something to inform all my dear fellow readers. In a few days I’ll be flying to the Philippines to take a long vacation. During my vacation, I’ll take a rest from reading and translating the AMMM novels. In place of AMMM updates, I’ve got a few chapters of a C-novel I’ve paraphrased long before I started with AGMC to share in the blog. However, I’m not picking this novel as an official translation project. These chapters are just fillers for the weeks I can’t update AGMC or ROWG. I’ll be finishing chapter 6 of AGMC and chapter 7 of ROWG and schedule the posts in the following weeks. Enjoy reading and let’s resume fangirling over Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing later in June!

Chapter 6: Mock battle, Part 4 of 5

General Manor study.

Gu Yun and Su Yu have not gone yet to the training grounds, first thing in the morning Su Ren sent men to ask them to come to the study.

Outside the house the morning sun looked flaming hot, inside the house it looked drab and gray. Gu Yun and Su Yu sat opposite each other, but unlike in the past there was relatively a less combative vibe between them today, both people seemed to have something weighing on their minds, they were not in the mood to bicker. Gu Yun leaned back against her seat, she was thinking… planning and preparing for the night raid battle can be done later, she now knew for certain that Qing lives in the Estate of the Prime Minister, she must see her, assess clearly the current circumstances of Qing, only then can she proceed to plot the next step, their escape!

Su Yu, on the other hand, was mulling over the issue of the bet. These days she was reportedly training very hard and diligently, if she loses, she’s bound to suffer shame, right?! Man oh man, he’s really not aggressive, he just wants her to stop being so arrogant, he’s not out to embarrass her.

Yet, Gu Yun simply does not believe she would lose.

Behind the large yellow rosewood table, Su Ren was somewhat amused as he watched two people inside in the study each preoccupied with one’s thoughts, who are having a competition after all? Why does it seem as if he’s the one more concerned about it?

Clearing his throat to pull them out of their long reverie, Su Ren smiled and said: “The reason I invited you today to come is to consult with you. What form of night raid battle do you want to adopt, how’s it going to be?”

Su Yu having regained his wits, regarded Gu Yun with a contemplative eye, and replied: “It doesn’t matter to me.”

Gu Yun also slowly looked up, and casually replied: “I do not mind as well, I leave it to you to decide.”

Su Ren gently arched his eyebrows and laughed: “You’re not worried I’ll be biased towards third brother?”

Gu Yun today appeared somewhat lazy, half reclining on the back of the chair, she idly replied: “If you really want to help him, what help will that be to the competition?” Su Ren is definitely the type who’s best in throwing everything into chaos, he’s a man who plays well the image of being outwardly cold and unassuming but inside he’s deep and passionate, she reckons not only will he not help Su Yu, he will even come up with an unconventional method of battle.

Two people, one puts up one sings, just to speak not at all satisfied, enduring it for a while Su Yu’s face already darkened, “Hello! You two you think I’m dead, I need someone’s help? You must be kidding!”

Gu Yun faintly smiled, too lazy to answer, to help or not to help that’s Su Ren’s problem, it has nothing to do with her.

Su Ren simply ignored Su Yu’s anger and continued laughing: “Well, since you do not have any suggestions, and leave it to me to set the rules, considering that all are new army recruits, I will not make the matter too difficult. The chosen venue is the Su family army garrison camp in the western suburbs, and the matter of competition is quite simple. I will randomly place a wooden case inside a room in the camp, there’s something inside, whoever steals this wooden case wins.”

“What? This counts as a raid?” Su Yu was the first to protest. Nowhere can you call this a night raid battle?! No two armies battle with each other solely to steal something, how can one measure the level of army training?

Su Ren guessed beforehand Su Yu would oppose, blithely he asked: “Of course it counts, stealing something inside the enemy camp is not easy, or do you want to pit your recently trained for two weeks army recruits against my elite army in a head-on battle?

Su Yu was at loss for words for a while, he knew of course the recruits trained only for several days cannot match to the Su family elite army, but the technique of army training through this battle, how can stealing a thing reveals which is superior?

Gu Yun cheerily replied: “I have no objection.” In any case, compared to Su Yu’s trained soldiers she definitely trained her soldiers on adaptability well, every soldier’s combat capability is strong, in this manner of competition her odds of winning ought to be relatively high!

Gu Yun had no objection, if he again opposes, it would suggest weakness on his part, waving his hand in acquiescence, Su Yu replied: “Fine, this battle then.”

Both parties having no objections, Su Ren went on to elaborate: “This is a night raid battle, on the designated days you cannot raid, during these three days I relax, in other words, for three nights you can launch your night raids. But if, say on the first night, Qing Mo has already rushed to take away the wooden case, in that event, Yu, you’ve lost the battle automatically, and vice versa. We’ll see between the two of you who will be first to succeed.” At the mention of the wooden case, Su Yu darted a meaningful look towards Gu Yun.

Gu Yun inexplicably broke out in goosebumps, why did he eye her with such an expression? Turning and looking away, Gu Yun directly ignored him.


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  1. oh, inside the box case there is Bing Lian,right?

    btw, thank you for translating this chapter…
    oh and have a nice vacation.
    I will miss you and your novel translation

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  2. thank you for the update…
    i’m so sad to know that i must wait to read chapter 7 of AGMC….
    i’m so curious about the night raid battle… 😦


  3. inno, have a great vacation! everyone deserves a good rest every now and then 😊

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    • thanks, walnutty! i really look forward coming home. alam mo na, iba talaga pag nasa pinas tayo. ah, excited na akong dalhin ang mga cute kong pamangkin sa mall, kumain sa jollibee, atbp. hehe, ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko. kitakits uli tayo later in june! 🙂

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  4. Thanks for that last part before going to vacations. Have fun and enjoy your time there. There are so much to do and things to see. I’m pretty excited for you. It will be nice to have some pictures of what you will see during your vacations there when you will come back. ^_^


    • Thanks, Gren. I’m excited to come home too and meet my 3 nieces. Last time I was there, one was not born yet. My sister has already given me a heads-up; I’m supposed to tutor the eldest about “fractions” during these summer months. Hahaha… By the way, before heading to Manila I’m spending a day in Beijing. I’ll be visiting the Great Wall in Mutianyu and the Summer Palace. When I get home, I’ll spend again a day there and plan to visit the Forbidden City among others. In June I’ll invite you to look into my FB account if you’re interested to see the pictures of this vacation.

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  5. Oh, I wonder where in Philippines??? Boracay, maybe? Cause it’s the summer destination. I’m from Phils., by the way.

    Enjoy your vacay!!! Will read the fillers in the meantime.


    • I’m from Mindanao, flayfuldesigns. Basically, I’m coming home to visit my family. I’d be visiting Davao City and Butuan City where my sisters are with their families, as well as my hometown in Dinagat Island (across Siargao Island) in Surigao. Our little island, of course, could not match touristy and famous Boracay, haha, but our beaches here are also beautiful and pristine. 🙂

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  6. thanks for the chapter, cannot wait till youre back again to update this c-novel! Enjoy your trip!

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  7. Ah~ will miss you 🙂
    Have safe trip ^-^ and enjoy your vacation

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  8. I just finished the 4 stories in “A Mistaken Match” series (although I only skimmed through the condensed version of books 2 & 3) and I just want to admire your courage for picking up the first 2 books for they are v long!

    If you have time, please read n share your thought for “A Priate’s Daughter” which is a book on Gu Yun’s daughter. I thot the story is v addictive at the front like “Washing Grievance” n the ending is more satusfactory then the first 3 books

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    • Hi Moonblossom! I didn’t know there’s a fourth book in the AMMM series. When I finish reading books 1 and 2, I’d like to read too this book about Gu Yun’s daughter. Hopefully this novel will be reviewed in SSB so that I can access the e-book link.

      When I started reading and translating ROWG I naively thought it has only 19 chapters. It turned out my online source is incomplete (a reader told me this). I was shocked to find out it has whooping 112 chapters in another site! But, by then I have already said in the blog I was reading and translating this novel too. Hahaha… It will take years to finish these 2 books! I’m constantly pondering if maybe I should do summaries instead of detailed translations. Well, for now, I’m just reading these novels very slowly, chapter by chapter as I paraphrase the translations of Google.


      • I see. : ) Maybe you can read the fourth book (around 117) chapters during your holiday at this link

        Personally, I lost steam for all her stories at the second half for all her stories, so if you can, please do summarize the second half, if not the first half as well so that you can finish the book. The fourth book – “Daughter of the Pirate” – is about Gu Yun’s daughter who left home in search for adventure when incited by Zhuo Qing’s daughter. Feng Su is 16 years old, smart, good in qinggong, as a ton of doting uncles, cousins, army men, so it is really good luck to the man who marries her.

        I like the part when she brings him home , and the poor guy had a really tough time especially after he ticked Feng Ling off. It is not because he likes his daughter, no, but because he has in his possession a purple-gold luopan (compass) – similar to the one who nearly transported Gu Yun away. Ah, so you see, the luopan saga continues.

        I’m now looking out for the fifth book, where the third luopan should be found, I think by Zhuo Qing’s daughter.

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      • Thank you for the link and the intro on the fourth book. I’ll see if I can read this during my vacation. Qian Lu seems to be a very prolific writer. Hahaha.. Now there’s even a fifth book coming! 🙂


  9. Summaries are good too. Translate the conversation that are important. You are doing such a great job. I hope you keep with it. Oh yes, have a lovely vacation. Will keep checking your post.

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  10. Safe trip and enjoy your holidays!!!

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  11. Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Gee, I wonder what could be in that case. Its definitely not a sword. Utterly impossible.


  13. What’s with Su Yun’s meaningful look?


  14. Maybe she should concentrate on getting stronger otherwise there is no escape plan


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