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Chapter 3: Abduction — A mistaken marriage match: Record of washed grievances by Qian Lu (错嫁良缘之洗冤录, 浅绿)


Hi guys! In the past few days I had been reading the first few chapters of book 1 of the AMMM series, which tells the story of Zhuo Qing, the forensic detective colleague-friend of Gu Yun. I find that reading her story as well enhances my reading / understanding of AGMC. So, I’m sharing the edited / paraphrased GT translations I’ve done so far. Again, read at your own risk. Haha.., no guarantee at all of the translation’s accuracy. Thanks to Summer, you can read the synopsis and review of the novel here. Update of this book would not be as regular as AGMC, i.e., only when I have extra free time off AGMC. Gu Yun’s story is my priority. After reading, please leave some comments. Tell me your first impression(s) of book 1. Should I or not continue?

Chapter 3: Abduction

Early spring, the season of colors. The kingdom of Qiong Yue is thriving in prosperity, Huan Yang, its capital city is naturally impressive in all respects, even before entering the city, one can already hear the clamor inside the city which was bustling with noise and excitement, along the main road on both sides, there are many merchants and civilians busily entering and leaving the city of Huan Yang.

The cool breeze brushing softly the face, the song of the birds and the fragrant flowers, soon he will see the city gates of Huan Yang, Li Xu was both happy and fearful! Happy that after being on the run for more than ten days, encountering near misses, they are finally arriving; fearful because of the faces of the three ladies . . .

Inside the carriage, a slender arm is struggling to grasp the window frames which are not high, but unfortunately before it was able to reach them, it helplessly fell down.

Ah almost! Zhuo Qing once again tried to reach out her right hand, this time it was a little better, her fingers could touch the windowsill. Breathing deeply a few mouthfuls of air, Zhuo Qing shored up her body with as much strength left in her possible, it was a good toss, but she barely let herself sit up straight. The sweat on her forehead dripped to her cheeks, the pain caused by the wound on the right side of her face was terrible, but it also sobered up Zhuo Qing a bit.

She has been held in this small space for several days, and every day someone was feeding her with large amounts of sleep-inducing drug, a few days later, she pretended to be in deep coma, after pouring her with a few mouthfuls they had to give up. Her mind is now fairly clear, but her whole body is still limp.

Where is Gu Yun? After their office was attacked, were they taken away together, who are these people? What do they want? Why did they choose the carriage as a means of transport? Where is she right now? Zhuo Qing’s ever shrewd mind is running fast, hoping to find some clues, but unfortunately her mind is filled with a bunch of questions.

The traveling carriage suddenly stopped, outside the carriage, a familiar male voice sounded somewhat obsequious and respectful, “my Lord, the three ladies of the Qing family have been delivered to you . . . ”

She knew that voice, these days she often heard it in the carriage, he is the mastermind of the kidnapping. Outside the surroundings seemed a bit noisy, Zhuo Qing listened carefully, after a while, a slightly muffled male voice replied coldly: “The emperor has already passed an edict, the eldest young lady of the Qing family shall immediately enter the imperial palace, the second young lady shall be delivered to enter the Estate of Prime Minister Lou, the third young lady shall be delivered to enter the General Manor. Thanking Mister Li for your trouble, please reply!”

The emperor? The palace? Which country in the world is currently still practicing absolute monarchy? It turned out she had already been shipped out of China. She can glean from their conversation that she was kidnapped along with three other people, but where is Gu Yun? Zhuo Qing continued to eavesdrop with bated breath.

Outside the carriage, Li Xu immediately bowed and replied: “Many thanks to Qiong Yue emperor’s grace.”

The ritual official did not bother looking at Li Xu, his gaze swept across the three horse-drawn carriages and asked: “Which carriage is carrying the eldest of the Qing family?”

Li Xu, pointing to the carriage in the middle, hurriedly replied: “That one.”

Two men dressed in palace outfits rapidly approached the carriage, pulled the reins, and left together with the ritual official who said aloud, “back to the palace!”

A party of people entered the East Gate and went in slowly. Outside the city gates, there were two groups. Seeing the servants is knowing their masters, Li Xu, needed only a glance, already he knew, on his left donning a blue garment, refined and polite, must be the man from the Estate of the Prime Minister, on his right wearing a brilliant gray clothing, strong and tall build, of course, he must be from the General Manor.

Li Xu nodded politely, smiled and said: “The two misters, on this carriage is the second Qing young lady, on this carriage the third Qing young lady.”

Two men stepped forward and each pulled a carriage, they faced Li Xu and after cupping their fists in obeisance, they respectively moved and left in opposite directions, one headed towards south, the other to the north.

After the three carriages were led away, a soldier whispered: “Master Li, what do we do now?”

Li Xu raised his whip, and shouted: “Go back to Hao Yue kingdom.”

They did not even let them enter the imperial palace of Qiong Yue, without even one backward glance, they took second miss hastily away! But then on second thought, they are but from a small kingdom delivering over a few tributes, would they be welcomed grandly by the Qiong Yue kingdom, would a feast be hosted in honor of them? Li Xu looked back to the carriages gradually disappearing towards three directions, and heaved a sigh, “three young ladies, good luck to you.”

The carriage quickly ran off again. Zhuo Qing leaned against the side of the carriage, slowly lifted the curtain, the bright sunshine made her instantly close her eyes, it took a while to slowly adjust. Looking outside through the window, Zhuo Qing could not help but be surprised for a moment, this. . . where is this place?

How long has it been since she had seen such a clear blue sky, the air with a whiff of smell of green grass, towering trees lining on both sides of the road, each tree thick and lush. Looking towards the front of the carriage, Zhuo Qing was startled, ahead were four men wearing blue long gowns mounted on black, fine steeds, they have long hairs! And their outfits were too weird.

Looked down at herself wearing an ancient fire red wedding dress, Zhuo Qing felt somehow this matter does not seem to be a simple case of kidnapping. She reached out to touch her hair a bit, from a bun she gently pulled a strand, black hair? No, her hair is brown! And, not so long! Zhuo Qing who is always calm, suddenly her heart jolted, lifting her wide sleeves, on her right arm her skin is smooth as jade, her hands began to tremble uncontrollably, it is not her body! She has a ten-centimeter-long scar on her right arm!

What is going on?

Zhuo Qing’s hand curled tightly into a fist, she must calm down in order to figure out what is actually happening!

Unfortunately, before Zhuo Qing could calm down, the carriage suddenly stopped abruptly, nearly dumping her out of the carriage. Out of the dense thickets on both sides of the road more than a hundred people suddenly hurtled out, all dressed in commoner’s clothes, their ages range from young to old, they were all holding in their hands. . . poles and hoes!

Lan Ziqi gawked for a moment, they did not appear to be bandits, but he already unsheathed his sword slowly, his voice clear, he asked: “Who are you, people?”

Who knew, this crowd of people without any explanation, upon hearing a portly man in their midst who yelled, “Attack!”, without any order or method whatsoever, a group of people suddenly swarmed around them, their single target is the carriage.

Lan Ziqi and the three other guards immediately drew out their swords to fight, but unfortunately they were too many, several men climbed up on the carriage, whipping the horse to run, they saw the carriage escaped away, but, these people did not come to fight, everywhere and to all directions they dispersed and fled away. That portly man who just yelled “attack” ran all the way, all the while yelling: “Go back and tell Prime Minister Lou, if he wants his woman to be returned, let him come in person to the Niu Jia [cattle] village!”

If not for the couple of hoes thrown on the ground and left by some, the carriage out of sight, they could hardly believe the scene that had just taken place! It played out like a farce! The dumbfounded guard looked to Lan Ziqi, and asked: “what are we going to do now?”

“Go back and report it!” What else could be done! Lan Ziqi grimaced. He is just a lowly guard in the Estate of the Prime Minister, Chief Jing can be counted on to take care of the matter, let him come and take over, just before the capital who knew this incident could happen!

Running for more than half an hour later, the carriage finally stopped, outside there was a clamor. A moment later, a sonorous male voice politely shouted outside of the carriage: “Miss, please come out of the carriage.”

Zhuo Qing cursed under her breath, she’d like to come out of the carriage, but the problem is, her limbs right now are very weak, to sit up is even difficult, let alone come out of the carriage?

Nothing happened in the carriage for a long time, Wu Si waved to the big group of men behind, indicating that they should not make any noise, the person is a girl, if they’re so noisy he fears she might get frightened of them. Wu Si cleared his throat with a mild cough, deliberately he softened his voice, and whispered: “Miss, do not be afraid, we are not bad people! We just want to meet Prime Minister Lou that is why we got you. But, do not worry, we will not hurt you, after seeing Prime Minister Lou, we will let you go!”

Within the carriage there was still silence, the people in the group looked at each other, the lady did not faint, right?

Just when Wu Si didn’t know how to proceed, a cold female voice rang out from the carriage, “you’ve said enough, come in and help me.”

34 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Abduction — A mistaken marriage match: Record of washed grievances by Qian Lu (错嫁良缘之洗冤录, 浅绿)

  1. Thank you for taking the time to translate this book! It’s very interesting. I want to read how Zhou Qing will impress the Prime Minister with her sharp wit in writing the appeal. Hope you have more free time. Heehee~

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  2. Thank you for translating! 🙂


  3. Thank you very much for your translation. I really admire your work because it is terribly hard. I ve tried to read the book with translator but its very difficult, every name has several meanings etc. In my language it is absolutely impossible because we have seven grammatical cases for nouns and a lot of other difficulties, so translator cannot understand it. chichichi. In English is a little better but I think that you are a goddess that you can transform it to this very easy readable form. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. I would like to ask how many chapters this first book has? I ve found only 19 but it seems incomplete?

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    • Hi! You’re most welcome. I wonder what’s your language, murimuri! With 7 grammatical cases, that’s very confusing indeed. When I learned the German language, I thought it was already pretty challenging with 4 cases and 3 noun genders! But, yours has 3 more cases, that’s mind-boggling. 😀

      I’m getting the raw files from I see now, it also has only 19 chapters! If this is incomplete as you say, I’ll try to scour in other sites. I’ll get back to you if I find the other missing ones.


      • Ciao. Thanks for your answer. My language is Czech and we also have 3 noun genders. murimuri is because I really like the sound of it and I know it from japanese anime, its probably something like “impossible impossible”. chichi. but really sweet. I have the same resource because I have it from your page. chichi. But maybe I didnt understand enough the ending, it just feels cut of somehow. I ve tried to look somewhere else but when I open full page in Chinese I am totally lost to find anything. So I am looking forward for you great translations. And I am sorry that I am not offering any help because I am totally useless with my really bad understanding and terrible English. chichichi


      • Oh, that’s nice to learn of this feature of the Czech language. The only Czech word I know is děkuji. Hahaha… Learning Czech is probably as hard as learning Mandarin. 😀 Or maybe not, because at least Czech still uses the Latin alphabet. Yes, I wish you too could help. We could then finish reading / translating these 2 books in no time. LOL. But, you know, honestly your English is excellent. I understand though that deciphering Google Translate can be tough at times.


      • Murimuri, I’ve checked already another site. Book 1 has 2 volumes and has a whooping 112 chapters. Check out this url Compared to AGMC’s 43 chapters, this one is considerably longer, unless perhaps the chapters are shorter.


    • ciao inno. I am a little confused where to write the reply for reply reply. so I hope you will find it. chichichi. Thank you for your help with finding another resource. I ve checked the lenght of the chapters and they are really short. I thinh the old chapter 19 is now about chapter 78, so its probably the same lenght like the Gu Yun book. Děkuji and wish you good inspiration. bye bye


  4. Oh I think this is going to be just as much fun as the one you are working on now. I hope you find time for this story as well. Thank you for the translation. Will there be anyway to repair her face? What a cruel trick played on the real sisters. What a shame.


    • You think so, Ginny? I find it interesting that this story is taking place simultaneously with Gu Yun’s. It thus gives background details to things mentioned in AGMC. For example, I hope the readers get it, that this benefactor the villagers were desperately trying to help is related to the case which Gu Yun read in chapter 4 part 5.

      In this ancient era, I doubt if something still could be done to improve their faces. The scars are there to stay. But, unbelievably both Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing didn’t seem to care much about this injury on their faces. Perhaps, because they don’t identify themselves with their new bodies yet? Or they simply are not vain people. It’s nice though that the male leads will eventually fall for Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing despite their scarred faces.


  5. Zhuo Qing got then wrapped around her thumb!! Haha, this is pretty interesting. If Gu Yun’s story is about martial arts, then i guess this one is about wit and knowledge.


  6. As much as I like Gu Yun’s story, I really like this story too.
    I’m becoming more curious of what will happen next.
    Thank you so much for translating!


    • Wah, it’s great how quickly Zhuo Qing is gathering her own fans. 😀 Very glad that you look forward to her story too! Except for time, there’s really no problem translating this book as well. LOL. Both stories compliment each other and have the same kind of heroine I admire, the smart and independent one.


      • I can definitely see that in them already and I too also admire the same kind of heroine.
        It’ll be interesting to see how their story plays out in the end. 😀

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  7. This book does sound interesting, but I do see how the autopsies could drive a translator crazy! How many chapters does this book have? I’m curious how Zhuo Qing all of the sudden learned/remembered how to write traditional characters unless she wrote her appeal in simplified characters.


    • In’s site, it has 19 chapters, but this may not be complete. I still have to verify in other sites. I have not been yet to this part where LX reads this appeal. Is the disparity of appearance between traditional and simplified characters that considerable? Haha, pardon me for my ignorance, chang’er. 🙂


      • Aww, inno, you’re too humble. Chinese is honestly a hard language to learn or understand! In my opinion, traditional and simplified characters are pretty different granted if the traditional characters have been simplified. The reason for simplified characters were to make the harder traditional characters to be well.. simplified, sometimes with less strokes to increase literacy across China. Of course, lots of characters have not been simplified since they are already simple enough. However, for the ones that have been simplified could look very different, for example, the dragon character 龙 (simplified) is the same as 龍 (traditional) and phoenix (feng4) is 凤 and 鳳 which looks similar to wind (feng1) 风 and 風. Some of them are pretty simple such as please 请 and 請 or to see 见 and 見 where in “please”, the left part was simplified and in “to see” the inside/bottom were simplified. The first part of “please” 言 is related to speech. It’ll never be simplified on its own, but will be simplified with attached to a character where it is used. Since “please” is a form of speech, therefore, that symbol is used in front of 青 (qing1) which sounds like 请 qing3 (please). My literacy skills are horrible, but I know some of the basics, therefore, it’s hard for me to read a Chinese novel without audio assistance. ^^ And even with audio assistance, I still can’t comprehend everything since Chinese is not my primary language. Sorry for the longwinded reply, but hopefully this helped you understand some of the differences. 🙂


      • I’m glad I’ve raised the question, chang’er. You’ve given me a most comprehensive answer. Thank you. I really desire to learn this hard language. When I started buying all these “learn Chinese language” books, I thought setting my goal of learning 100 characters in a year was pretty reasonable and doable. Now 8 months later, I could just laugh at my non-existent progress in writing and reading Chinese characters. I’d probably pick up more Chinese words or gain little by little listening comprehension if I watch more English-subbed Chinese dramas. 😀


      • Oh my, I’ve just checked in another site, it has 2 volumes and 112 chapters in all. But, maybe the chapters are shorter compared to the 43 long chapters of AGMC. 😀


      • If you have the desire to learn Chinese characters, I would recommend you learn simplified since that is becoming more and more common. I think the only places using traditional characters are Hong Kong and Taiwan, but even Hong Kong dramas are having more and more simplified characters (probably since they’re back with China). It is also less complex. 🙂 However, if you really want to study the characters, then traditional characters are the way to go. I also think it’s easier to learn simplified if you know traditional characters, but harder to learn traditional from simplified characters. 100 characters in a year is a good goal, I think. Yup, watching Chinese dramas with English subtitles do help with listening comprehension. 🙂

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      • Thanks for the tips! My goal is eventually to be able to read in the future a short C-novel of the ancient genre. These initial 100 characters I chose or prioritized are for words I expect to encounter in such a book, words such as, emperor, palace, crown prince, princess, dowager empress, kingdom, empire, general, soldier, war, concubine, fight, servant, and my list goes on. 😀 Characters for pronouns, conjuctions and prepositions are relatively easier to memorize by appearance because they occur frequently in a sentence. (This is the advantage I gained doing the translations.) Haha, the approach is kinda simplistic, but I’m trying. Oh well, if nothing works, there’s still good ole buddy, Google Translate. LOL.


  8. pls pretty pls tanslate this too..thanks so much


    • yes, mm, this book gets translated too, albeit very slowly. i just hope it really has only 19 chapters. 😀 AGMC remains the main translation project.


  9. thank you for translating this book. it make me more curious about what happen next.
    i’ll wait for the next chapter…


  10. thank you so much! this is such a treat to read both this book and gu yun’s story together. 😉


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