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Chapter 4: Surrender of the army, Part 2 — A mistaken marriage match: A generation of military counselor by Qian Lu (错嫁良缘之一代军师, 浅绿)


Chapter 4: Surrender of the army, Part 2 of 7

Gu Yun untied the rope around her waist. She headed towards the crowd of young soldiers who appeared to be somewhat too enlivened. What’s with this group of excited young men? They did not know why she was able to easily accomplish this task. It’s because starting from when she was fourteen years old she liked rock climbing as sports. Later she joined the SWAT team in the police force. To have gone through such process of intensive training as a result she had this ability today. They, however, must practice this exercise many times over.

Gu Yun’s lips formed a grim smile. A little later you’d wish you’d rather die! Looking towards the unflustered Ge Jing Yun, she said: “You’re now divided into two teams. Ge Jing Yun, lead your team to do climbing exercises. Everyone must try once to gain experience. Climb in groups of five. Pay attention to safety.”

“Yes.” Ge Jing Yun departed with his team.

Gu Yun continued to command: “Leng Xiao, do chin-ups and ligaments exercises with your team.”

Chin-ups, huh? Ligaments exercises, huh? Their minds were full of questions. But this time, no one risked raising a question.
Gu Yun knew of course that they did not understand. She had to make them understand what she meant by her cryptic words. Taking them to the side of the mountain where vines grew and spread in abundance, Gu Yun, pointing to a young lad nearest to her, said: “You! Out of the line.”

“Yes.” Without hesitation the teenager stepped forward.

Looking for a sturdy vine Gu Yun said: “Grab the vine above.”


Exerting some effort to leap the young soldier tightly clung on to the vine, hanging motionless.

Gu Yun stood beside him. Instructing him step by step: “Now slowly bend your elbows. Pull your body up until your chin is over the height of the branch. Then straightening your arms, lower your body to return to your initial position. Done this way you have just completed one chin-up.” The young lad easily completed one. Everyone covertly rejoiced. Fortunately, it wasn’t quite difficult. However, Gu Yun’s subsequent words hurled them down deep into the abyss. “Sixty chin-ups in a set. I require everyone to do five sets.”

Anguished wailing of the hearts sprung up everywhere, but no one dared to talk back.

Looking at their appearance of being close to weeping, Gu Yun snickered in her heart. The corners of her mouth formed a sly smile: “As for ligament stretching exercises, well…”

Gu Yun’s gaze focused on the crowd scouring it thoroughly. Raising her hand she pointed to the boy who questioned her about roudao earlier in the forest. In an unusually soft, gentle voice she called out: “You! Come over.”

“Yes.” The boy’s back broke out in cold sweat. His mind faint with fear, but he dared not show a hint of hesitation in his steps. He trotted forward towards Gu Yun.

“Next is the ligament training. The first task is doing the split!” Pointing to his legs, Gu Yun ordered: “Part the legs by extending in opposite directions. Get down until you reach the middle.”

The boy froze for a moment, then quickly he parted his legs. This is the so-called split? Gu Yun swatted his hand saying: “Get down! Brace the hands on the ground. Don’t bend the upper body. Straighten up your lower back!”

Hands bracing on the ground? The boy struggled to splay out his legs. He dared not bend his lower back. With difficulty his fingertips finally touched ground. His legs cramped in pain.

“Continue to go down.” Gu Yun was getting impatient. What kind of ability is this, ah?! The distance to the ground is yet too far! She deliberately chose this boy on the premise that as he looked to be the youngest, the flexibility of his ligaments should be optimal. By making him do the demonstration was letting the other soldiers better understand her command. Who knew that he was going to be this useless!

Farther down? The boy’s legs gave way. He really was having cramps! Gu Yun’s fierce eyes zoomed in on him. The boy with a lot of effort tried once more. His palms fully propping himself up on the ground, his pain so sharp he wept, wailing loud: “Really I can’t anymore! I can’t go down farther!”

Gu Yun approached him. Holding on to his shoulders to keep his body erect she pressed him down with both of her hands…

“Ahhh…” His yell sounded so tragic. His incomparable mournful and shrill cry cannot help but scare the soldiers who were still rock climbing. Gu Yun also jumped scared. She only slightly pushed him with a little force, but he’s crying out more miserably than a pig being butchered!

The boy curled his legs on the ground crying out aloud wah… wah… The other soldiers watching this scene involuntarily clamped their legs. This, this is too horrible!

“Shut up!” Gu Yun was looking daggers at the boy but he kept on rubbing his thighs. He quickly silenced himself. Noting his pale face she knew he also really tried his best.

“From front to rear separate the legs into a straight line until sitting on the ground, only then is this considered complete.” To make them understand the basics of the exercise Gu Yun parted her legs afterwards. Sliding slowly she completed a perfect split with ease.

Damn it, staring at Gu Yun’s legs forming a straight line every soldier became white in the face. Even the fearless who reckoned they were not afraid of death broke out in cold sweat.

This this this – this is impossible!


23 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Surrender of the army, Part 2 — A mistaken marriage match: A generation of military counselor by Qian Lu (错嫁良缘之一代军师, 浅绿)

  1. Love it! Gu Yun a.k.a. the Torture Meister. I imagine her saying, “I’m going to make real men out of you. Up and at ’em. Pronto!” 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. In which chapter our hero will appear ?


  3. hahahaha she’s enjoying too much from torturing her soldiers


  4. she is nightmare 😀


  5. poor the army..heeheeheee…but i love it..hahahaaaa


  6. Thanks for the update!


  7. haha! this is pure torture! splits….that was unexpected 😛


    • gu yun is brimming with ideas how to train her soldiers. no wonder they’re always apprehensive what more bizarre training method she still has up her sleeves. first, the leapfrogs, then jogging with sacks of sand, and so on… 🙂


  8. Wow! Not everyone can do splits, i was not able to do it once, no matter how many pracrice i did when i was younger. Some people are not meant for it! Evil, too evil, haha. (>^ω^<)

    Liked by 1 person

  9. As a former dancer it is really uncomfortable to read her split training. You absolutely cannot force this kind of stretching or you can tear it and then be useless for a long time that it takes to heal. Being able to do a full split is not the most important thing anyway. The stretch itself is important. You can’t do much action from a full split but having flexibility is good. I think that part was so much grandstanding. Otherwise it is fun. I know to suspend belief–how did she train that never before exercised body in just two weeks to be able to keep up running with young fit men who have been training all along for instance–even her arm strength—just doesn’t happen in two weeks but I can accept this easier than the split training. Maybe because it hurts to imagine!

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  10. She can’t even do a twenty chin ups yet she was able to demonstrate her climbing ability. What a load of bull.


  11. I just flunked out of her army. No would have really never gotten this far. She is something. Thanks!


  12. Haha that poor boy is going to have nightmares


  13. *Plays “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” in the background*
    Lol. This reminds me so much of Shang’s training from the movie! Gu Yun is such a bad-ass! xD


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