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Chapter 3: The evil army trainer, Part 3 — A mistaken marriage match: A generation of military counselor by Qian Lu (错嫁良缘之一代军师, 浅绿)


Happy New Year to all! 🙂

Chapter 3: The evil army trainer, Part 3 of 5

Getting up from the ground shivering, covered with sweat and dirt, everyone looked as if they have rolled over and over again in the muddy ground, battered and exhausted. Gu Yun was quite pleased with their appearance, standing relaxed, her tone of voice cheerful, “the next we will do is combat training. Even more important than learning how to take a beating is learning how to fight back. Since it will be a night raid battle, we will mainly train the silent fighting techniques. Today the first training is unarmed close fighting. Hand-to-hand close combat includes many techniques: kongshoudao [bare-hands-fighting technique, ~ karate], jiekuandao [intercepting fist technique, ~ Jeet Kun Do], Taiquan [grand fist technique, ~ Thai boxing martial arts], roudao [soft technique, ~ Judo], sanda [mixed martial arts], they all belong to this category of close-range body combat techniques…”

Gu Yun has yet to finish talking, immediately afterwards she heard a burst of chuckle. She looked towards the direction where the sound came from. Indeed it was from an exceptionally young face, from his looks he should be around fifteen or sixteen years old, at best he can be regarded as a big boy, his entire face splattered with mud but still wearing a silly grin.

Gu Yun strolled slowly towards his side, gently smiled and asked: “What are you laughing about?”

“What is roudao [soft technique]? Is it some kind of a woman’s fluffy game?!” The boy strove to restrain his laughter, but one could still hear it in his voice.

Gu Yun’s eyes glinted. Very well, it seems that there are really people who are not afraid of death! Lightly patting his shoulder, her face with a faint smile, she said: “You, step out of the line.”

It looked very light, but in reality it fell heavily on his shoulder. The woman’s delicate hand for no reason made the boy’s heart tremble. By this time he finally realized Gu Yun’s peculiar smile, but it is now impossible not to step out of the formation. The boy can only cautiously follow after Gu Yun, constantly guarding against her likely sudden strike.

Gu Yun walked to the open space in front of the ranks, and waited for the boy to stand across her. Her face had this kind of smile which invariably gives people goose bumps.

The boy stood on the spot, for a long time taking no action. Even though daily she has some rather weird training methods to torture them, however she is after all a woman. Adding to that, her head does not even reach up his shoulders, himself being a big hulking guy, what good is it to bully a woman?!

Gu Yun glared at him, yelling: “Why are you dawdling? Attack!”

Hesitating for a moment, the boy rushed past towards Gu Yun, his appearance intending to do something. Who knew, he barely reached her side, Gu Yun suddenly stretched out her right hand grabbed his right shoulder, rapidly moved sideways, her back pressing against the side of his waist, his two hands yanked down. The group could not make out what exactly happened. It only saw a hint of a tall shadow through some kind of a strange move thrown down fiercely from Gu Yun’s back to the ground.

Shocked and awkwardly lying on the ground, the boy just now only felt giddy, his head spinning he did not know what sort of intense force it was that threw him down.

Gu Yun released his hands, coldly barked: “Come again!”

Unable to make head or tail of how exactly he was thrown down by an emaciated, petite woman, he really has lost face! The boy immediately stood up from the ground, took up the horse stance. Just now he was not paying attention so he let her have her way, but this time she’ll not catch him off guard again and prevail!

Horse stance? Gu Yun’s brow faintly arched, good! She’d like to see how stable his horse stance is! The boy did not take a move, Gu Yun took the initiative, advancing forward, she straddled her left foot between the legs of the boy. The boy was alarmed, he was about to punch, but Gu Yun was faster with both her fists beating his shoulder with powerful strength. He immediately lost his balance and slipped unsteadily backwards. In order not to fall flat on his face, he relaxed the muscles of his legs, retreated a step back and tried to maintain the stability of his posture. Just before he moved his feet, immediately he felt his chest tightened. Gu Yun’s slender hands have tightly grabbed and tugged at his shirt. A burst naturally followed, he was hit with dizziness again.

Peng – his tall body was once again easily thrown out like a sack, flying in the air in a strange arc, his thick and broad back one after another landing heavily on the ground. The rest of the soldiers whose backs are still burning hot in pain all shrunk their necks.

Wow! Han Shu secretly gasped his admiration. Who knew, not only is her swordsmanship outstanding, but her martial arts skill is also not weak!

Straightening up her body, Gu Yun’s face darkened, “come again!” Foot stance unstable, without endurance, legs lacking in strength. It seemed that later more leapfrog training is needed to enhance attacking power and endurance of the legs!

The boy struggled to get up from the ground. Almost falling apart in exhaustion, as he looked to the ruthless and tyrannical woman, he unconsciously took a step back.

Gu Yun screamed: “Attack!” He has the nerve to withdraw!

The boy stood petrified on the spot. Gu Yun with a hint of impatience and disappointment in her eyes, again took the initiative to attack.

Already dreading this, seeing the approach of Gu Yun to attack, the boy unconsciously moved backwards again.

Gu Yun in contrast to her previous moves, grabbed the boy’s front shirt with one hand to prevent him from retreating, her other hand grabbed his waistband, a knee on his right foot on the ground, in a lightning bolt, the boy was again knocked down.

But this time, Gu Yun did not immediately straighten up and left him as she did the previous two occasions. Taking advantage she pushed his body down, her knee firmly pressing on his breastbone, one hand gripped tightly his throat, the other hand clenched into a fist raised to punch his eyes.

A quick woosh of air, frightened he closed his eyes, he got so scared he cannot help but cry out: “Ah!” For a long time he did not feel any pain coming, he slowly opened his eyes, Gu Yun’s fist stopped just above his eyelid, the terrified boy broke out in cold sweat. A little bit closer, with that kind of strength he experienced a while ago, his eye surely would go blind!

There was absolute silence amidst the five hundred people inside the huge forest. Loosening her clenched fist, Gu Yun slowly got up, to pacify the rage in her heart she breathed deeply several times.

The boy dared not stay lying on the ground for too long, kneading his neck, he unsteadily stood up, in his heart very much afraid that Gu Yun will still order him to attack again. Fortunately, Gu Yun did not ask him to continue, she just looked indifferently straight at him and asked: “How do you feel?”

The boy was speechless for a moment, muttered his reply: “dizzy, it’s like no matter how I make my move to attack, you are able to fling me away.”

It was not he alone who marveled. All the rest of the soldiers were also mystified. How can she lightly take down a huge individual who is easily twice- maybe thrice her size?

“Roudao is attack-oriented. It combines attack and defense in fighting, leveraging on the strength of the opponent. Its greatest feature is skillfully deflecting heavy weights. Even if your opponent is stronger and taller than you, you can prevail over him.” Looking askance at the boy, Gu Yun crooned, “Now do you still think roudao is fluffy?”

Sheepishly the boy bowed his head.

“Answer!” Gu Yun’s fierce voice thundered.

The boy quickly straightened up his body, loudly replied: “It’s not.”

Icy eyes swept across everyone. Her murderous look compelled people to be intimidated by her. Indeed no one dared to look at her in the eye. Gu Yun’s fierce voice echoed loud in everyone’s ears, “to be supercilious, scorning the opponent, reckless in conduct, when you confront your enemies every one of these is reason enough to make you suffer a crushing defeat in your enemies’ hands! In addition to exercising your bodies, you must also discipline yourselves, transforming and becoming brave, learning to be prudent and earnest. If later you all will let me see you again acting opinionated, complacently underestimating the enemy, the penalty is ten lis leapfrog. Do you understand?!”

Hearing the ten lis leapfrog, everyone’s face instantly paled, immediately in unison they hollered: “Yes!”

Han Shu was still in the middle of deep contemplation over Gu Yun’s agile martial arts moves, but the sudden sound of a fierce roar startled him. As he did not understand what a leapfrog is, of course, he did not understand why all these exhausted new recruits yelled at the top of their lungs…


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  1. Happy New Year!
    Thank you for another part. The more I read the more I like this heroine. It makes me wonder how strong she must have been in her own body.

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    • It was disclosed in part 1 of the prologue that she was a reigning martial arts champion in the women’s division, provincial level on some kind of annual martial arts competition. Plus, she was SWAT-trained. In her former body, Gu Yun indeed must have been one helluva strong woman.

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  2. happy new year thank u i’ve been waiting for this…


  3. I can’t wait to see that guy’s face when she wins the bet!


  4. happy new year…thanks for this…haahaaa…everyone is scared with leapfrog…Han Shu..maybe u should try leapfrog..heehee

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    • pricess, can we exempt handsome, hunk General Han Shu from leapfrog please? hahaha… promise, you’ll like him later. he’ll be supportive of Gu Yun afterwards.


  5. Happy Blessed Joyous Healthiest and Prosperous New Year to you and yours. Thanks for the wonderful New Year gift from you. Cheer!


  6. Thank you for an awesome start of a new year!! If Hua Shu really wants to know…he can go do some leapfrogs hahaha


    • Oops, Han Shu* I see our heroine has been training hard for her new weak body to be as formidable as her old one! It’s actually to her advantage that she may seem like a weak and frail woman to opponents


      • I agree, but since muscles are not that quick to develop I believe Gu Yun still needs loads of time to continue exercising hard her body. But as a military counselor/strategist, it’s more brain, less brawn needed so it’s okay even if she’s petite and emaciated. 🙂


      • Hmm that’s true but I don’t think she’s satisfied with her new, soft body. I thought her boys would have figured out earlier that she is not just a simple woman muhaha. Can’t wait to see her win the contest!!!

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  7. our heroine got more admirer

    thank you for updates


    • you’re welcome. that she’ll get the admiration and support of senior general Han Shu is truly something. i think it’s mainly because of the gender. Han Shu didn’t expect all these skills and abilities in a woman, a young one at that, and well during this era where women stayed at home doing embroidery. hehe..


  8. Happy New Year! Thank you for your efforts.


  9. Welcome back! Yay, thanks for the much anticipated update. Have an awesome 2015.


    • I’ll quickly finish chapter 3 to make up for the 2 weeks I was away. 🙂 Then we can move on to the long chapter 4. I wish I can skip chap 4 so that we can finally meet Su Ling again in chap 5. But, it’s too early in the novel to be jumping chapters. haha..


  10. happy new year!!! ahhh she’s becoming my favorite heroine


  11. im a new fan of your translation. thanks a lot! Keep up the great work! it’s funny reading it as well. I love powerful women!


    • hi sue! welcome to the nook. i’m glad to know Gu Yun gained another fan! 🙂 thanks for commenting. don’t hesitate to share your thoughts to all fans. cheers to the awesome Gu Yun!


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  13. Happy Late New Year Greeting Inno…
    Imaging Han Shu shocking expression after being thrown by Gu Yun who has petite feature XD XD.
    I am fan of Gu Yun ^_^


    • No wonder Han Shu also became one of her admirers. 🙂 Gu Yun it seems has many modern women fans. Who wouldn’t like to be someone that strong who can thrash men when necessary? hehe..


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  15. Oh these boys do not like a little game if leapfrog. Too bad😂. Thanks!


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